In the tumultuous era of the 10th century, the northern realm of Terran thrives with five vibrant light tribes - Maharu, Helos, Akronis, Shem, and the mysterious Phäros, each wielding their unique radiant abilities. Amid the awe-inspiring powers, the Phäros stand unparalleled, harnessing black light, taming Pegasi, and crafting Prism glass weaponry. At their helm strides King Vessai, possessing the enigmatic King's blood, a symphony of emotion-wielding sound and vibration. Fearing their dominance, the light tribes entrap the Phäros in the soundless abyss of the Never Realm. Millennia later, echoes stir as rumors herald the return of Phäros lineage through Amin Gage, a resourceful scavenger. Pursued by tribes, Amin allies with Makena, an exiled Helos member, unraveling prophecies and unlocking the dormant key to the lighthouse, unintentionally liberating the Phäros. Together, they navigate a world teeming with revelations, adversaries, and the shared pursuit of tribal harmony, scripting a new chapter for the northern lands in this electrifying saga of rekindled heritage and untapped destinies.